PARENTS:    Mr. John Enyim Nwosu (late) from Umuelem Amakama.
Mrs. Afoukwu Patience Nwosu (late) from Amuzu Olokoro Umuahia South.
HOME:         Umuelem Amakama, Olokoro Umuahia South L.G.A.
DATE OF BIRTH:    November 24, 1949.


  1. First School Leaving Certificate with Credit: St Luke’s School Amakama (1956); Methodist Primary School, Lohum Uzuakoli (1963).
  2. West African School Certificate (Grad 2) 1970: Crusader Secondary School, Amafor Isingwu Ohuhu: Evangel High School, Old Umuahia: Government College Umuahia: Santa Crux Secondary School, Olokoro Umuahia.
  1. Higher (A-Level) School, Holy Family College, Oku Abah Akwa Ibom State (1971-72).
  2. Diploma in Theology, Trinity Theological College, Okwulaga Afaraukwu Ibeku, Umuahia (1975-1978) (Dip, Th. WATTI).
  3. First Degree Programme, Wydofte Hall Oxford, (P.G.C.TH) 1982.
  4. B.D, University of London England, UK (1983).
  5. M.A New Testament University of Nigeria, (1988).
  6. Ph.D, New Testament, Luke-Acts Ridley Hall Cambridge England, UK (1995).


  1. Made a Deacon- July 1978 (By Bishop H.A.I Afonya (Late) of Aba Diocese).
  2. Ordained Priest- December 1978(By Bishop H.A.I Afonya (Late).
  3. Made a Canon-   December 1987(By Bishop (Prof) A O Iwuagwu of Aba Diocese).
  4. Made an Archdeacon –December 1994(By Bishop U.U Ezuoke, Umuahia Diocese).
  5. Made a Bishop (Umuahia Diocese) - (March 2003 (Primate Peter Akinola & House of     Bishop, Church of Nigeria, In Asaba.
  6. Made an Archbishop (Aba Province) – July 2011 (Primate Nikolas Okoh & House of Bishop, Church Of Nigeria.
  7. Made Dean (Church of Nigeria- June 2016, - House of Bishop, and Church of Nigeria at Ibru Centre, Agbaraoto, And Now Dean Emeritus.


  1. Bishop’s Chaplin (To Bishop H.A.I Afonya of Aba Diocese) -1978-1986.
  2. Bishop’s Chaplin (To Rt. Revd Prof A.O Iwuagwu of Aba Diocese) -1987- 1990.
  3. Canon in Residence- St Michael’s Cathedral Aba, 1988-1990.
  4. Principal, Trinity Theological College, Umuahia, 1996- 1999.
  5. Director of Spiritual Growth, Ibru Anglican Retreat Centre, Agbara- Otor Ugheli, Warri, 2000-2003.
  6. Chairman, Abia State Christian Welfare Pilgrims Board, 2003-2011.
  7. Member, Abia State Elders of Thought, 2010-2014.
  8. Chairman, Nigeria Anglican Roman Catholic Communion (NARCC) 2015 till date.
  9. Secretary, Church of Nigeria Theological Resource Group, 2008 till date.
  10. Member, GAFCON Theological Resource Group, 2008 till date
  11. Member, CANA, Church of Nigeria Mission Team in USA, Canada and UK


  1. Dictionary of international biographical society, Cambridge England, 2004 (31st edition)
  2. Nigeria who is who (2nd edition), Nigeria International Bishop Center, Lagos
  3. Igbo icon, a first edition of a compendium of Igbo Achiever, 2006
  4. A road named after him in Ibru Centre, Agbara Otor


  1. 1988- The Church That Lives To Itself Dies Itself
  2. 1997- New Birth: A New Testament phenomenon that applies in the Old Testament, Ecclesiastical Renew (1997)
  3. 2002- The Denial in the Lion’s Dean: Alex Urem Ibru
  4. 2016- The Baptism of Jesus and Ours (Neighborhood Politicians)
  5. 2016- The Temple and Us (Neighborhood Politicians)
  6. 2017- Consecrating the Servant in the Bishop, Issus in Leadership

Mrs. Nne Patience Nwosu
B.Ed (Uni Port): NCE (AIICE)


  1. Mr. Nkwachi Anchor Nwosu (Son)
  2. Miss Ozichi Gospel Nwosu (Scholarship Student, USA Navy Medical Student)
  3. Miss Kelechi Udo Nwosu (B.A. ABSU) Government Civil Savant Staff

Petra (Girl) 2yrs: Adimchinkpa (Boy) 1 Yr

HOBBIES: Reading, Writing, Long Temis

FOOD/DIET: Vegetarians and Less Fat Diets