Whereas the Synod is an Annual Ecclesiastical meeting wherein decisions affecting the life and faith of the Church are taken. Whereas the First Session of the Ninth Synod of the Diocese of Umuahia, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Province of Aba, met under the guidance and inspiration of The Holy Spirit. And whereas the First Session of the Ninth Synod of the Diocese of Umuahia, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Province of Aba was presided over by His Grace The Most Revd Ikechi Nwachukwu Nwosu, The Archbishop of the Province of Aba and the Bishop of Diocese of Umuahia at St Luke's Church Amakama, from Wednesday 25 - Sunday 29 April, 2018. Whereas the Synod appreciates the wife of The Archbishop and the mother of the Diocese/Province Mrs. Nne Patience Nwosu [Ezinne] for being a good counsellor for the Synod. And whereas the Synod commends the Amakama community in general and St Luke's Church Amakama in particular for hosting the Synod with the theme, "Looking unto Jesus the author of our faith" based on Hebrews 12:2, which is very appropriate in times like this. And whereas the Synod was blessed with opportunities to fellowship in Bible Studies, prayers, worship, and teachings, centring on this theme. And whereas at the rising of the Synod, the following communiqué were issued.
1. The Synod observed:
a. That the perplexities of life, and our momentary times of joy, can make us lose focusing always unto Jesus, the Author of our faith.
b. That God has continued to reveal Himself to man from the beginning, which culminated in Jesus Christ the Author of our faith, to look unto.
c. That the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the world has been made by Jesus Christ once and for all; therefore no need for any other sacrifice.
d. That as Noah and his family escaped destruction by means of being in the Ark, so can our present generation escape destruction only by being in Christ, the Divine Ark to look unto.
e. That it is only in Christ that salvation, meaningful life, hope, and reconciliation can be secured
f. That in the present crisis-ridden situation in the nation, many Christians have become discouraged; when we find ourselves in this situation, we should continue looking unto Jesus, like the saints of old.
g. That the personal faith in God of the saints of old brought them good reports, in the face of even more challenging situations.
2. The Synod further observes
a. The State of Security in the Nation:
The synod strongly frowned at the state of insecurity in the nation, particularly the inability of the government to clearly state what happened to HRH Eze Sir I. O. Kanu, his wife Ugoeze Lady Sally Kanu, and the son Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, all of Isiama Afaraukwu concerning their present whereabouts, after the soldiers illegally invaded their home in the name of Operation Python Dance II. The synod therefore called on the government to clearly state what happened to them
- The synod appreciated the government for the effort made to release through negotiation some of the abducted Chibok and Dapchi school girls, but frowned at the intermittent resurgence of Boko Haram attacks and abduction of school girls and other residents, after the present administration had told Nigerians that the sect had been technically defeated. The synod urged the Federal Government to increase its crusade against the Boko Haram sect and the Fulani Herdsmen, and expedite action on the release of the remaining captives, like Leah Shaibu.
- The synod further observed the disturbing activities of rampaging Fulani Herdsmen and the inability of the government to rein the militants in; thus, this has led to pillage and destruction of villages and communities as well as dastardly massacre of innocent residents by the marauding Fulani Herdsmen. Consequently, there has been nationa outcry against the Fulani Herdsmen and calls for Federal government to declare them as terrorists. Regrettably, government has continued to foot drag. Again failure of government to punish the high handedness of the army and police at military checkpoints has made notable Nigerians, including retired generals to speak openly against the acts and then urge Nigerians to defend themselves, despite the emphasis on the need for unity and peace among Nigerians irrespective of divisive tendencies, including incessant attacks of Fulani Herdsmen. The synod therefore advised the President being the Chief Security Officer of the nation, as a matter of urgency and for the unity of the country, to correct the lopsided appointments in Federal positions. The synod therefore frowned and strongly condemned the killing of two Reverend Fathers and seventeen other worshippers in a church service at Benue State.
- While commending the move of the government to stop the open movement of cows in five states of the North, the synod then recommends that this should be extended to other states. b. The 2019 General Elections:
The Synod frowned at the attitude of those elected into the various offices like the senators, governors, House of Representatives Legislatures, and other various levels of government to represent their people, on their failure on not coming to the grassroots to inform the electorate, of the position and situation of things in the country, both at the Federal, state and local government levels. Again, the decision of the President to run for a second tenure should be reconsidered, an the synod called on him to resign honourably. The synod advised all citizens to register, collect their Permanent Voters Cards, keep them safe and get ready to vote in the 2019 elections. Further, the synod remains grateful to God for the sustenance of Democracy in the country for unbroken nineteen years period.
c. Education:
The synod commends the state government for the feeding of Primary School pupils, which has contributed to the increment of their nutritional intake, and so has combated malnutrition and poor academic performance. The synod however, condemned the nonpayment of backlog of salaries owed teachers of Primary and Secondary schools in the state who have been on strike. The synod advised that these backlogs of salaries be paid without further delay.
d. The Economy and State of Roads:
The synod commends the Federal government for the regular paymen of salaries, gratuities, and pensions of Federal workers. Also commended are the rehabilitation of some federal roads especially in the South East, and the eventual normality in the pump price of petroleum products many months after arbitrary hikes by marketers. The synod also commends the following: the reconstruction of some roads in the state, especially the quality of work being done on Aba road in Umuahia; the promotion of the Aba made goods by the Abia State Government; and the continued campaign by the Federal government against corruption and legal action taken against looters of public funds.
- The synod however frowned at the following: the snail speed in the construction of roads in the state despite the increasing intensity of the rainy season; the fact unemployment has continued to soar with little hope for Nigerian graduates and youths, as government emphasizes skill-acquisitions for youths who have no Abraham as father, while the privileged ones jump straight out of schools to occupy positions reserved for them in the civil service; the rate of inflation has continued to be high, leading to a fall in the purchasing power of Nigerians, particularly fixed salaried men and women; and the epileptic electric power supply. The synod therefore recommends that the foregoing be looked into by the appropriate levels of government.
e. Healthcare:
The synod commends the state government for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and the reopening of the Aba General Hospital which had been moribund for a long time. Also commended is the recent achievement of Kidney Transplant at the Federal Medical Centre (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) Umuahia. The synod however, expressed dismay that the Federal Health workers - apart from the medical doctors - have been on strike for some time now, and this has adversely affected the healthcare system of the citizens. The synod therefore recommends that the Federal Government should speed up action for a roundtable negotiation to enable the striking health workers resume duties.
The Synod expressed faith in the power of The Almighty God to turn things around for the better; concerning individuals, families, Church and the Nigeria polity; as we continue to look unto Jesus the author of our faith. COMMUNIQUÉ COMMITTEE
1. The Ven. Dr. Alex Ihemekwala
2. The Ven. Dr. Gerald U. Nwabuisi
3. The Ven. Barr. Justice Ekwuribe (Convener)
4. The Revd Nathaniel C. Ezemandu (Secretary)
5. Brother Enyinnaya Nwagboso
6. Brother Onyebuchi Obinna
7. Lady Dr. Felicia Ezenwa
8. Lady Patricia Imoh
9. Sir Uzomba Ekwuribe
10.Barr. Monday C. Ogoh